Canadian Pharmacies

Sickness cannot be wished away. You must see a doctor and get drugs to get your or your loved one’s recovery underway. But what if you are not able to get the drugs you need in time? How about, if you find yourself ‘Pharmacy hopping?’ None of those circumstances are ideal and that is why Canadian Pharmacy is the answer to your situation.

The following are some of the services that are available for you and your loved ones in our Pharmacies.

Refilling serves

When you run out of your refillable drugs, all you need to do is call  or email us and we shall refill the drugs for you. However, remember that for us to refill your drugs, we are obligated to see your prescription. We also have to interact with you or someone who you have dully introduced to us to collect the medication for you.

Prescription drugs

Sometimes a prescription drug may not be available at your local store. However we stork our pharmacies with a very wide range of prescription drugs. We therefore assure you that the prescription drug you are looking for is available.

Drugs for your pets

Apart from stocking human drugs, we pride ourselves in stocking drugs for common pets too. Therefore, if your cat or dog has a prescription or has taken ill, talk to us, and we will get their drug needs sorted out as quickly as is possible.

Over the counter drugs

Not all illnesses require a prescription. That is why we have a wide range of over the counter drugs too. For instance pain-killers and cough syrups. That notwithstanding, our staff are highly trained to ensure that you will not come in with a request that will make you more sick than you already are. The plan is to get you well. Therefore, if we assess the drug you are looking to buy will not do you good, we will advise you accordingly.

In-house Pharmacists

Canadian pharmacies are not common drug-stores; we therefore are keen on ensuring you get the services of trained pharmacists. While they are not doctors, we assure you, you will never go wrong with our pharmacists. They are highly trained to understand the drugs you require and have the skill to direct you on how to take the drugs effectively.

Online services

If you cannot get to our pharmacies, do not worry. All you need to do is to place your request online. Once we get your request we will endeavor to deliver the drugs to you as soon as is possible.

Friendly customer services

We guarantee you a reception that is courteous, friendly and quick to act on your request. When you step into a pharmacy, you do not do so because you are in the mood for interrogation that is why we are keen on how we handle each and every case. We never let our customers leave feeling worse than they felt when they came in. We advise that you engage us, and your woes will be sorted ASAP.